Thursday, July 1, 2010


Posted by Sean Doyle, July 1, 2010
Photo by Colin Doyle.

10:00 AM: A line snakes around the Garden in quelled anticipation of a limited amount of $15 dollar tickets for the 2010 NBA Draft. I (Sean) call my brother (Colin) who happens to be in Midtown Manhattan that day for a Schmuck's convention in the Korean button district and ask him to head over to MSG and get on line. "I must be at this draft!!" I bark into the phone. "Why?" he asks. Well, I reply "I wanted to see what middling player (who will never play in the NBA) the Knicks take in the 2nd round. That's why!" Colin, understanding the magnitude of this event hops in a cab and gears towards MSG....

10:38 AM: Colin, now dead last on the ticket line, snaps the above photo. After a few moments he strikes up a conversation with the Danilo Gallinari fan standing in front of him. As it turns out, the kid was a plant hired by James Dolan to create the impression that Knicks fans were actually excited about this draft.

12:13 PM: My cell phone rings as I am lounging by my pool in East Hampton. It's Colin. He sounds totally gassed. "I got the tickets!" he shouts. "What tickets?" I ask. "The tickets to the NBA Draft, dipshit! Remember you asked me to grab them ?" Turns out Colin doesn't follow my sarcasm very well. "Shit dude, I was joking! You actually got them?" I said while fighting back a laugh. Colin didn't sound as amused. "I waited for two hours in effin' Midtown heat! WTF!" he shouted. Looks like I'm going to the NBA Draft!

3:50 PM I pull out of my driveway with my Frederic Weis Knicks jersey on. E.H. is about two hours from N.Y. so I should be in the Garden with time to spare.

7:03 PM: I am still in traffic. Three hours and I am still stuck on the %#$! Long Island Expressway!

7:43 PM: Fuckity really?

Photo by Sean Doyle

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