Sunday, September 5, 2010

Omar Flies Coach, Gets Heckled. There Is A God.

Posted by Sean Doyle, September 5, 2010.
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According to Deadspin, embattled Mets GM Omar Minaya was heckled on a Chicago bound Jetblue flight the other day. Minaya is the man I often refer to as "The Architect" for his deft handling of everything New York Metropolitans. I mean, after six years and almost a billion dollars spent (that's billion folks) he has exactly one playoff appearance under his belt. His (Minaya's) impressive resume includes destroying the Mets' once healthy farm system by placing utterly incompetent Tony "Little Napoleon" Bernazard in charge.... signing Oliver Perez to a 3 year $36 million dollar deal during the depths of the great recession when A) Not a single team in baseball would have given Perez a one year $10 million deal so they were bidding against themselves and B) Perez had up to that point (and since) a completely mediocre career and in no way was worth half that money...."The Architect" also gets kudos for accusing respected NY Daily News reporter Adam Rubin of burying Tony Bernazard (not because Bernazard was and is a low level thug but) because the Mets would not give Rubin a job!! Minaya performed this paranoid ramble while completely bungling the English language. Watch the hilarity below:

But back to the issue at hand. Here is a photo of "The Arhitect" on the Jetblue flight. Let's hope he got some peanuts to go along with those heckles.....

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