Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dongslinger And The City.

Posted by Sean Doyle, January 11, 2011.
Image by Sean & Colin Doyle

Jeez ! What exactly do you think of us, Dongslinger?

Did you think that New York was some kind of non-stop orgy ball? A Caligula on the Hudson?  Because you sure treated your brief time here like some wild-eyed concupiscent teen boy in search of a cheap fleshy thrill.  Don't get me wrong DS, I'm not judging you. You're Brett Favre after all, one of the most famous and successful American athletes ever. (As in EVER!!) Two-hundred and ninety-seven straight NFL games bestow you with a certain modern day Spartan glow.  It's just...well....how do I put this? How come you didn't behave this way in Minnesota or Green Bay?  What is the Big Apple to you - just some easy Tramp?  I'm hurt, Dongslinger.

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