Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Stat Case For Stat

Posted by Sean Doyle, January 2, 2011.
Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images North America.
(Additional photo editing by Sean Doyle)

On Friday we found out that Amare "Stat" Stoudemire, current reigning King / Savior / (place your hyperbolic appellation here) of New York city hoops is third amongst Eastern Conference forwards in All-Star voting at 637,486, trailing just behind LeBron James (969,459) and Kevin Garnett (712,555). First off, let's leave LBJ out of this as he is the Association's most gifted player. Second, if we were to do an old fashioned head-to-head between KG and Stat there would simply be no contest as to which man should rightfully be suiting up next to Mr. South Beach at David Stern's mid-winter classic. So get out and speak truth to power 'Bockers' fans! Vote Amare!

Here's the stuff:

Amare Stoudmire Vs. Kevin Garnett
PER: 23.6 21.7
PPG: 26.4 15.0
RPG: 9.1 9.5
BPG: 2.3 0.7
APG: 2.4 2.0

In every significant statistical category save for rebounds (and at 9.5 vs. 9.1 we're really just 2
good Amare games from being even) Stat crushes KG. If you combine this superior stat line with the transcendent impact that Stoudemire has had on revitalizing this long dormant but hugely important Knicks franchise, there is no doubt who belongs in the starting line up. Let Garnett ride the All-Star pine alongside his buddy (and certain fellow all-star) Joakim Noah. I'm sure they'll have alot to talk about...


  1. What about Kevin Love?? He's better than Amare and Garnett!

  2. Kevin Love
    PER: 23.5 (Even)
    PPG: 20.6 (Advantage Amare)
    RPG: 15.6 (Big Advantage Love)
    BPG: 0.3 (Advantage Amare)
    APG: 2.4 (Even)

    They are close...very close in fact. But I still give the slight edge to Amare. Love is an otherworldly rebounder (much better than Amare) and can pass well for a big man. Two years from now Kevin Love will be the better payer and most likely the best power forward in the NBA. Right now though vote Stat !

  3. Good point. But Love is still my man!

  4. Minnesota is in the Western Conference.