Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Posted by Colin Doyle, March 31, 2010

I'm not much of a heckler, though I can boo pretty loud. I've been at games and have found myself shocked at how personal some fans can get with players. Most of these hecklers are miserable in their own lives and rely on their team to lift their spirits. It makes for some priceless commentary from the stands when teams are mailing it in or rival ball clubs come to town for a series. Funny or just plain mean, there is an art to the heckle. No sport better accommodates this art form then Major league baseball.

I have decided to keep a list and will be updating it all baseball season. Here are a few of the nastier ones I can still recall from last year. Check back in for updates.

1) F__k you Jorge you rat lookin motherf__ker!!! (Fan @ Boston game to Posada)

2) Happy F__ckin Mother's Day Joba!!! (Fan @ Orioles game on Mother's Day after Joba's Mom got arrested)

3) I'll f__ckin kill you Marte !!!! (Me @ Yankees game )

To be continued....

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