Thursday, April 15, 2010


Posted by Sean Doyle, April 15, 2010

After 8 games, the Metropolitans are 2-6 and right in the middle of a tough road trip. Meanwhile, the mighty Phillies are off to the races at 7-1. It's over folks. There will be plenty of empty seats in Flushing this summer as the "Amazin's" bottom dwell in the NL East (again). WIth an estimated 2010 payroll of $136 Million, good for first in the NL (again), Mets GM Omar Minaya has built an aging expensive unwatchable mess. On top of that, there is little hope for the future as stooge Tony Bernazard destroyed the Mets' farm system through sheer incompetence. Bernazard's ineptitude was legendary and Minaya's faith in his abilities should have long ago sealed the Met GM's fate. Yet the Wilpons have stubbornly stood by their embattled GM, defying logic and insulting their fan base's collective intelligence. Now let the countdown begin as the sun (thankfully) sets on the Age of Omar.

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