Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Cincinnati Kid?

Posted by Sean Doyle, November 18, 2010

"Tell him the deal is three years at $15 million a year, take it or leave it. Wait him out and he'll wind up taking it. Where's he gonna go, Cincinnati?"
- Anonymous Source w/ Yankees

So now it's getting messy between the Bronx Bombers and their beloved marquee player. Sources close to the situation (read: Hank Steinbrenner) seem to be saying there is a wide gulf separating what Jeter and his agent want and what the Yanks are willing to give. So now, for the first time since 1995, there is an ever growing chance (though still very slim) that Derek Jeter suits up for a different franchise in 2011.

Yes, Jeet's numbers were down across the board in 2010 and he is going to turn 37 next summer. Here's the comp:

2009: .334 18 66 30 SB .871 OPS
2010: .270 10 67 18 SB .710 OPS

His defense, for which he won his controversial 5th gold glove in 2010, is much maligned due to his lack of range. At this point he may no longer be an acceptable major league shortstop.

So then, where do you put a position-less 37 year old ball player with a slipping offensive game and chip on his shoulder? put him back in the Bronx for four years at $18 million per. You play him at short in 2011 and then move him to third base in 2012, where his smaller range won't be as damaging. (Move A-Rod to DH in 2012 to make room for Jeter.) Let's face it, The Captain has earned this contract. 7 Pennants, 5 World Series rings, 11 All-Star nods, 4 Silver Sluggers, a lifetime .837 OPS, and countless priceless memories have made Jeet the Mickey Mantle of this generation. I've been to over a hundred Yankee games and I can tell you nobody made the game look more beautiful than Derek Jeter.

So Hank, bring the Captain home and let's go for number 28.

Besides, Minka belongs in the Big Apple...

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