Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Further Proof That Miami Has The Worst Fans In Sports...

Posted by Sean Doyle, November 16, 2010.
Fan Up, Miami! Your 6-4, 3rd place Heat need help! Some genius in the Heat's front office has obviously gotten sick of the notoriously fickle Miami sports fan and felt a little passion instruction was needed. Hence, "It's time to 'Fan Up, Miami!" This new (irony-free) marketing attempt at stimulating the DOA Miami fan is at turns hilarious and sad. You would think the signing of the three biggest free agents in the sport (James, Wade, Bosh) along with the non-stop hype/noise machine that accompanied it, would be enough to rally the affections of the South Beach hoopster set. But, true to form, the zombie Miamian lacks the necessary spirit to support even the most star laden franchise on Earth.

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