Friday, December 10, 2010

Shit Sandwich

Posted by Sean Doyle, December 10, 2010.

Time to chew a little crow. After all, it was only six games deep when I penned a peppy premature positivo on Long Island's prodigal pucksters. Since that time the Isles are a steady 2-15-3, taking their penchant for mediocrity to Horowitzian proportions. Of the nine major New York sports franchises, none have mastered morbid moribundity quite like the good ol' Islanders. These Isles are forever in a state of terminal decline, or to put it all pretty-like, a near constant shit sandwich.

Speaking of shit sandwiches, what the in the sam hell were the Bo-Sox thinking when they cut Carl Crawford a $142 Million dollar check? He's a 30 year old corner outfielder with 15 home run power for chissakes!! Adrian Beltre would have been happy with a third of that cheddar (and he's a gold glove infielder with 3x the power)! I can't wait for the third year of this deal when Crawford hits like .288 with 9 home runs and 58 runs batted in, steals 27 bases and posts a .712. OPS all while picking up a $21 million dollar check for a third place Red Sox team. That is going to be priceless....or for the ever "savvy" Bo-Sox, the opposite of priceless.

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