Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Cavalier Exile of Baron Von Munchesalot.

Posted by Sean Doyle, March 6, 2011.
Image by Sean & Colin Doyle

We'll always have the KIA, Baron...

After a salty six-year sojourn to the western territories, the rotund Baron has been exiled.  His old nemesis the vile Viscount Donald Sterling hath banished his former charge to the port city of Cleve. Baron, a man of epic proportions (and appetites), who grew his considerable frame whilst a Clipper captain is said to be chapfallen over the disbarment.  Said the Plump Baron, "Woe is me! For my feasting days in the Angelic Commonwealth have topped off!  I now take my yearning goblet to the land of Cleve!  Beware all ye bread houses for I am a man whose gluttony is legend!!"

Beware, indeed.

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