Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Posted by Sean Doyle, May 4, 2010
Photo Courtesy of SI.com

1. Paul Konerko 1.171
4. Ty Wigginton 1.098
5. Vernon Wells 1.054
6. Evan Longoria 1.028
10. Alex Gonzalez .935

A couple endnotes here... Yes, that's Danica Patrick. No, she doesn't rank amongst the AL's OPS leaders. However, because OPS lacks an established visual graphic, from here on out I will be using Danica for said purposes. Also, note the presence of two N.Y. Yankees in the top ten. What's most interesting is that their names are not Tex, A-Rod, or Jeter. The two most offensively productive Yankees (so far) in 2010 have been Robbie Cano, and Nick Swisher.

See Swish's acting chops below:

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