Sunday, May 9, 2010

Your Move, A-Rod...

Posted by Sean Doyle, May 9, 2010
Photo Courtesy of Burleson/AP, Sullivan/Getty (NY Daily News)

Baseball's most one-sided feud just got a hell of a lot more interesting today as Oakland Ace Dallas Braden tossed a perfect game against the powerhouse Rays. Braden, whom A-Rod claimed lacked credibility, is now oozing with it. A perfect game is one of baseball's rarest and greatest feats and having now tossed one, Dallas Braden joins the sport's most elite club.

The Box Score of Braden's Perfect game courtesy of ESPN.

In fact, a perfect game has only been achieved 17 times in the modern era. That's right, in 110 years and untold tens of thousands of games perfection has been attained a mere 17 times!!! Now, Mr. Perfect himself Alex Rodriguez is going to have to deal with some real perfection straight out of the 209.
A-Rod, to his credit, took the high road when asked about Braden's perfect game. Rodriguez said, " I've learned in my career, it is much better to be recognized for all the great things you
do on the field. Good for him, he threw a perfect game. And better yet, he beat the Rays." I think HBO should do a 24/7 about the upcoming Yanks/A's July 5-7th series. It sure as hell has gotten a lot more intriguing. Your move, A-Rod.....

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