Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Go Rondo? Go Boston? (HELL YEAH!!!)

Posted by Sean Doyle, May 11, 2010
Rondo Hat Courtesy of Zazzle.

Pigs are flying! NY Knicks' die-hard devotee Spike Lee is rooting hard for the hated Celtics to take out the Cleveland Cavs in the Eastern Semis and I can't say I blame him. In fact, I spent half the day looking for anything green and white to wrap around myself in feverish preparation for hollering hard for my (swallows pride) Celts. You see the logic goes like this....if (Triple) Double R (Rajon Rondo) and his three amigos bounce LBJ and his Schwack Attack from the second round the odds for King James waltzing into MSG's court this fall as a Knickerbocker go up exponentially. You've got to think that Lebron will be more open to bolting his "hometown" team if, after having the NBA's best record for the second consecutive season, The Cavaliers can't even squirm out of the 2nd round.

As if that wasn't enough potential good news for long suffering 'Bockers groupies, Scores NY, the famous Big Apple adult nightclub, has offered Lebron a lifetime of free lap dances if he inks with the Dolan Empire.

But I digress. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. The Cavs and Celts are tied up 2-2 in the series, so in essence this becomes a best of three, and it ain't over until Big Baby sings. All us Knicks' losers er, fans can do now is wear our Celtic green and shout hard for our (gulp) Beantown heroes.

And while we're (temporarily) rooting green, how 'bout a big shout out to Rajon Rondo and his sick play this postseason. Particularly his 29 point, 18 rebound, 13 assist, triple double last Sunday.

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