Friday, August 6, 2010

Grumpy Old Men...

Posted by Sean Doyle, August 6, 2010.
Graphic by Sean & Colin Doyle.

Since the inception of this blog last March we have had little in the way of pigskin prose due primarily to the lack of Football being played. But now, with the 2010-11 NFL Season upon us, the Dummys here get to turn their ever lazy eyes upon the gridiron. Now with that airy bit of bull shizzle behind us, here are our picks for 10-11 in the AFC.

Baltimore Ravens 11-5
Cincinnati Bengals 10-6
Pittsburgh Steelers 7-9
Cleveland Browns 6-10
Indianapolis Colts 13-3
Houston Texans 10-6
Tennessee Titans 8-8
Jacksonville Jaguars 4-12
New England Patriots 11-5
New York Jets 9-7
Miami Dolphins 6-10
Buffalo Bills 3-13
San Diego Chargers 12-4
Denver Broncos 8-8
Kansas City Chiefs 6-10
Oakland Raiders 4-12

Next time we'll lay out our picks for the NFC....

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