Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday's Whips Vol. VI

Posted by Sean Doyle, August 26, 2010
(David Lee and Derrick Rose discussing the 2016 free agent class and the possibility of teaming up on the Brooklyn Nyets...)

As the Summer of 2010 winds down, it's time we look back. Superteams were formed, superstars were made, legends walked away and icons passed on. A King abdicated his Clevelandic throne and took his "talents to South Beach." A pair of Old Mariners, Sweet Lou and Junior Griffey both ended their hall of fame careers mid-season. Brett Favre retired, returned, retired, returned, retired, and then almost took his talents to south beach before returning yet again. Brock Lesnar returned from near-death to retain his dominance over the UFC heavyweight division by outlasting Shane Carwin. The Los Angeles sun is now setting on "Mannywood" as that bad bum b-movie comes to it's inevitable end.

Just wondering?

How much money would a Mike Tyson-Kimbo Slice fight in the UFC make on pay-per-view? Yes, I know, it would be a garbage bout between a former legend and an overhyped street brawler, the ol' has-been vs. never-will-be scenario. But selling PPV buys is all about selling hype and drama. And this fight would have more hype than a Strasburg start in D.C.
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