Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Still Giants Stadium, After All....

Posted by Sean Doyle, August 23, 2010

After all the bluster and hyperbole, the heavy hits and "hard knocks", the new ball park in the swamp is still Giants Stadium. The media crowned this useless preseason game (scrimmage really) a battle for "stadium supremacy" between the supposedly fading NY Giants and the way-over-hyped NY Jets. But it was behind the light touches that we got to see a sneak peek of what the 2010-11 season may bring for these two tri-state titans.

And we did we see exactly?

I know, I know, the NFL preseason is about as useless as Isiah Thomas at the trade deadline. But in the first football played in the New Meadowlands Park it was trusty old Big Blue who stomped out the faux-sexy Green Machine. Old Coliseums crumble and new epics arise but in Jersey swampland some things just never change.....
Photo by Sean Doyle

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