Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday's Whips (Vol. II)

Posted by Sean Doyle, June 16, 2010
The bestest hockey player on the planet (not named Sidney), Alexander "The Great" Ovechkin, is chillin' in Turkey with a bevy of seksi Turkish kadins! Klass, baby!! Apparently Ovi is big Ottoman Empire guy. Who would have thunk it? Ovechkin, Washington D.C.'s #48 most powerful person, is rumored to still be celebrating his epic 1st Round playoff collapse against Montreal.

Speaking of celebrations....Knicks' fans (the most abused variation of homosapien) have reason to celebrate now that Tom "H to The" Izzo is staying put at Michigan State after turning down $30 million large (Gill-bills) to coach the Cavs. Izzo, the head Spartan, wants to go out like King Leonidas. Good for him. Somewhere, Donnie Walsh is smiling.
You know who isn't smiling? Former Knicks power forward Charles Oakley. A scuffle at the Aria nightclub in Vegas left The Mighty Oak all black and blue. (Just a note: I stayed in a suite at the Aria in Vegas a couple of months back and it was all kinds of awesome. Great place). Oakley, the man who backs up M.J. Virgil-style, apparently got into it with a few bouncers and came out a little worse for wear. (They must've been some big boys cause Oak is a straight killer).
*For a look at The Charles' Cooking Show: "The Oakley Cafe" (Click here).

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