Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers Win Championship (Thanks To Ron-Ron's Shrink)

Posted by Sean Doyle, June 18, 2010

Much to the chagrin of Tom Cruise (and the no doubt plentiful supply of Scientologist Laker fans in the Staples Center), L. Ron Artest thanked his shrink during a giddy rambling post game interview on ABC last night. All joking aside, congratulations are due to the Lake-show who earned this championship with true grit and determination. With four incredible rounds (well, three maybe....Utah was pretty feeble) of basketball against the likes of Durant, Nash, Garnett, and Rondo, Kobe Bean Bryant now can take his rightful place alongside the all-time greats. "Black Mamba" now has a fat fistful of rings, and a team built for domination. This is his moment.

Random Notes:

It looks like Naitch ain't gonna call it quits anytime soon. Like the gladiators of old, Slick Ric wants to die with his (wrestling) boots on. God bless him. Next up on Flair's crowded date card is "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal. The "Hulkster" booked the match on this past week's Impact. This contest of age vs. speed will take place at "Victory Road" on July 11.

Now that the LeBron'stakes have started let's not forget the David Lee 'stakes. D-Lee, the only thing worth watching at MSG for the last five years was spotted out and about with Snooki. No word on if she was recruiting the human double-double machine for her beloved New Jersey Shore Nets...

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