Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday's Whips...

Posted by Sean Doyle, June 9, 2010
Image Courtesy of Jim Prisching/Getty Images.

While is M.J. smiling? Well, cause his Airness's fav hockey team the Chi-Town 'Hawks are fixing to pick up Lord Stanley's Cup later tonight when they put down the upstart Philly Flyers for their (the Blackhawk's) first Championship in half a century (in Bro-town, no less).

Speaking of Chicago champions...does anyone (other than these guys) really think that Lebron is going to suit up in Bull's red and black just to play in the eternal (as in ETERNAL) shadow of the aforementioned M.J? LBJ would have to win at least six championships just to pull even with M.J. in Chi-town!! (Let alone the NBA...) That is too high a bar....even for a King!

With LBJ's "hometown" CAV's in hot pursuit of Michigan State's legendary coach Tom Izzo and GM Danny Ferry hitting the dusty road, will this quick Dan Gilbert makeover be enough to bring back LBJ? Or will basketball in Cleveland go the way of football and baseball in the old "Sixth City"....i.e. rapidly to hell in a handbasket...

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